Wednesday, December 21, 2011

how to make it in America - CANCELLED!

#HBO cancelled the show after it's second season along with all its beautiful photography inspired entrepreneurial swag. The inspiration for my blog and for my 20something life. Rest in Peace xoxo

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to be "professional"

Hi Guyysss!!!

First of all - and most importantly, I PASSED MY CPA EXAM!!! Yay for being a "professional" and all that jazz. Second of all - I sang "Oh Canada" to basically all of Dubai in a dress and 4-inch heels on Al Nahda Rd. Yep, here it goes.

After a day filled with lovely messages and congratulatory phone calls (thank you everyone), I updated my resume with my newly earned credentials and sent it out to a couple of people. Might as well get a head start on the job search right? Right. Shortly after, I get a call for an interview. Oh, you bet i'll be there!

Let's fast forward to the point where I'm obviously very lost. During one of my several u-turns on Al-Nahda road, singing along loudly to Hedley's - "invincible" to ease the tension, I hear Brent Black (on @VirginradioDXB) make a random Canada joke. I honestly don't even know why I had to respond to that. But I sent a text saying "Easy on the Canada jokes" and continued my search for the office. 15 minutes to interview time. Not impresssive.

I'm like a guy when it comes to asking for directions, I NEVER do it. So it was a small miracle that I was standing here knocking on a cabbies window asking for "dubai airport free zone". As the poor guy was trying to explain to me; I absent mindedly answered my buzzing blackberry. "Is this Sharon?" .. "yes".."congratulations!! you have won a spa package and a chance to visit bangkok, under one condition". "What's the condition?".. "You have to sing Oh Canada".

Meanwhile; this poor cabbie has customers waiting on him. And i'm trying to pull off some kind of awkward sign language asking him to wait and help me as I sing "oh canada, our home and native land" 10 minutes to interview time. Did I mention I was in 4inch heels and a dress trying to speak Hindi?.. yea, this happened.

Needless to say, I aced the interview after getting good directions there AND won a spa package to "Thai Privilege Spa". Oh and did I mention I'm a professional CPA as of today?


How to be a tour guide

I love this time of the year when we get visitors in Dubai on their lay-over to other countries (mostly India for us). Thank you to Emirates Airlines for the awesomeness! My Texan cousin was here for the weekend, for the first time in Dubai, and I really hope he got a good taste of the weird culture. It's very hard to explain the place and the atmosphere to most people. Dubai is not comparable to the west or the east. It has a little bit of everything.

here's a little taste:
-Eat an authentic lebanese dinner watching the dancing fountains under the Burj Khalifa
-Party with an intense crowd and TIESTO at creamfields on Yas Island,
-Watch christmas carolers and ski bunnies at the mall
-Take an abra ride on the Dubai creek while listening to the wailing muslim prayers across Deira
-Eat Mexican food on the Marina

It's always fun trying to explain the confused emirati culture of Dubai. Apparently it's more than visible with just a weekend here, thats for sure! Thanks for an awesome weekend @suganthpaul. Have a good christmas!

Friends being freaks at Creamfields 2011

the 400+meters of German cake on sale for charity @mallofemirates; with christmas carolers singing

Mexican food on the marina, so pretty with the lights!

Old Dubai - Deira area.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to shake it off

Hello beauties, can you all just let out a HUGE sigh of relief with me? It's December!! FINALLY.

Happy Sunday after a super long weekend (in Dubai). It's that time of the year when cars go crazy and the parties go all night long to celebrate National Day. Last year, this weekend brought me some fun Rugby Sevens partying and an Akon concert. But this year, post-exam, sleep took first place. Yeah.

Well, to be fair, I did party for one night, but it was all very tame. The rest of the time, I thoroughly enjoyed having my place to myself (parents on vacay) and catching up on all my TV and movies, celeb gossip, friend gossip (being honest here) and naps. I guess i'll work on my social life next weekend -_-

Now it's time to officially add to the unemployment stats as I start job searching. Taking this real slow haha. Meanwhile, I'm going to be stepping up the yoga practice and running more. Get ready for a whole bunch of fitness junkie and "zen" blog posts.

Looking out the window this weekend - the sky was littered with hot air balloons, I'm guessing it was part of the UAE B'day celebrations. Can I celebrate 40 like this when i get there? - this was my view from my balcony in Al Barsha.

This balloon was shaped like a bday cake, cute right?

Only from the heart can you touch the sky.  ~Rumi